New Adobe CS6 Tutorials 新的官方CS6線上影音教學與CS6中文手冊– 18 Hours of Free Online Video Training

以前Adobe在軟體銷售時都會附上紙本的使用手冊,後來為了節能省碳,改為提供PDF檔案下載,這幾年又改為網頁形態可以方便更新內容,如果你想尋找每個Creative Suite軟體的使用說明,請參考下列網頁。





We’ve mentioned Adobe TV in the past, but it just keeps getting bigger and better…  They’ve just published a large series of free new video tutorials for all Creative Suite 6 tools.
Learn Adobe Creative Suite 6 with Free Tutorials!
You’ll learn the basics with Getting Startedoverviews plus What’s New reviews by product experts, with nearly 18 hours of content covering all major CS6 applications.
And if you want to get going today, you can go ahead and download a free 30-day trialfor any CS6 product for Windows or Mac – then install, run, and start your training…
If you also like learning in print, check out this nice set of free new CS6 e-books(1,022 pages).  But here’s how the video courses break out:
Much of the extensive how-to series of tips, tricks, and techniques was produced by the well-regarded in partnership with Adobe.

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